Györgi Ligeti’s “Continuum” – originally for harpsichord, adapted for 2 marimbas.

Line C3 Percussion Group in Hanagawa Japan, May 2004.

Sam Solomon and Chris Thompson of Line C3, performers.
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Continuum was originally written in 1970 for harpsichord; versions for barrel organ and for two player pianos were recorded in 1997 under the composer’s direction. This version for two marimbas was premiered in 2001 by Samuel Solomon and Eric Poland. Due to its extreme speed, a mechanical performance of the piece (like the barrel organ or two player piano versions) is perhaps ideal. Although the version for two marimbas must be executed at a much slower pace, the resonance of the instrument provides a continuity that effectively realizes this work’s intention. Continuum is a steady stream of notes which are played “as fast as possible so that the individual notes can hardly be perceived, but rather merge into a continuum.”
-Samuel Solomon