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Instructions (2014) – Nico Muhly

Play constant 8th notes with your right hand on an instrument with a simple, not-annoying timbre.  With your other three limbs (if you have them), create a process such that the distance between notes played becomes larger and larger, until the distance is so austere that you have to stop.

undiscovere’d (2014) – Ken Ueno 

Facing the arsenal of your past,
Prepare yourself by thinking of all that you have ever done with said arsenal.
Now, do something you have never done with it.
Having done that, write it down.
This will become a list of future prohibitions in performing this piece,
the ever unfolding score.


Four Pieces for Percussion (2014) – Samuel Solomon 

I. cowbell bongo. cowbell bongo bongo. bongo cowbell, cowbell, cowbell bass drum. . rainstick.

II. guiro drum drum drum drum guiro. . . guiro drum drum drum vibrasap gong. . . slapstick.

III. bass drum . . bass drum . . tam-tam . . . bass drum . . bass drum . . tam-tam woodblock. 

IV. woodblock anvil. anvil. anvil. . woodblock woodblock bass drum.

For Percussion Perhaps, Or… (night) (8/6/1971) – James Tenney

   very soft
  very long
nearly white

Music For Percussion (1965) – Douglas Leedy 

At the beginning of the piece, the performance area is found to be entirely filled with percussion instruments of every available sort.

Two men
(preferably one quite large, the other small in stature)
dressed in ordinary workmen’s attire,
enter the performance area and,
as carefully and quietly as they can,
remove every instrument,
one at a time,
in any convenient order.

When the performance area is empty of instruments, the piece is finished.