Released on GM Recordings, 2009

Yesaroun's first release. A two-disc collection featuring the world premiere recordings of works by Jefferson Friedman, CromTech, Tolga Yayalar, Curtis Hughes, Lei Liang, Dominique Schafer, and Robert Hasegawa, plus works by Iannis Xenakis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, and Louis Andriessen.

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Watch Yesaroun' play CromTech Songs on YouTube here.

 8 Songs, Crom-Tech/Jefferson Friedman
    1. Ex-Prestu: Plod
    2. Brammix-Q: 49 Face
    3. Prux-norplexoxix
    4. Elprod-11
    5. You not mexiquot
    6. Infilto-Ships
    7. To the Pods
    8. Wemcraftor: Limsniffer
 9. Inflect, Tolga Yayalar
 10. Dmaathen, Iannis Xenakis
 11. Two-Faced, Curtis Hughes
 12. Workers Union, Louis Andriessen (live recording)

 1. Parts for a Floating Space, Lei Liang
 2. Saxophon, Karlheinz Stockhausen
 3. Triplex Unity, Dominique Schafer
 4. Ajax is all about attack, Robert Hasegawa
 5. Ryoanji, John Cage

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Produced by Ryan Streber and the Yesaroun' Duo.
Production assistance from Jefferson Friedman and Clarice Jensen (CromTech Songs), Tolga Yayalar (Inflect, Two-Faced), Daniel Bauch (Dmaathen, Inflect, Two-Faced), Curtis Hughes (Two-Faced), Lei Liang (Parts), Dominique Schafer (Triplex Unity), Robert Hasegawa (Ajax, Saxophon).
Editing by Samuel Solomon.
Engineering and mastering by Ryan Streber.
Photo, graphic design, and production direction by Samuel Solomon.
Production assistance by Eric Hewitt and Gunther Schuller.
Additional performers: Daniel Bauch, xylophone (Dmaathen), Chris Thompson, voice and electronics (Ryoanji)

Yesaroun' Duo

The long awaited release of Yesaroun's first recordings.
 Shawn Crouch - Suspended Contact
 Charles Ives - Seven Songs
 Ken Ueno - WATT

Learn more about Shawn at shawncrouchmusic.com
Learn more about Ken at kenueno.com

1. Shawn Crouch - Suspended Contact (1999)
for alto saxophone and percussion - written for Yesaroun'

Charles Ives - Seven Songs
for tenor saxophone and marimba - adapted by Yesaroun'

2. Remembrance (1921)
3. Maple Leaves (1920)
4. The Side Show (1921)
5. Serenity (1919)
6. Memories (1897)
  a. Very Pleasant
  b. Rather Sad
7. Two Little Flowers (1921)
8. Slow March (1888)

9. Ken Ueno - WATT (2000)
for baritone saxophone and percussion - written for Yesaroun'

Credits: Recorded and Mastered by Cameron Wiley in New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall, 2002. Edited by Sam Solomon. Produced by the Yesaroun' Duo, with assistance from Daniel Bauch, Jonathan Bisesi, Charles Peltz, Shawn Crouch, and Ken Ueno.

Single Releases (for free download)

Four world premiere recordings of pieces written for Yesaroun'.

 Cody Wright - DayDream
 Dennis Desantis - +8
 Miriama Young - Snapdragon
 Nico Muhly - Time After Time

Learn more about Cody at codycomposer.com
Learn more about Dennis at dennisdesantis.com
Learn more about Miri at miriamayoung.com
Learn more about Nico at nicomuhly.com

Cody Wright - Daydream (2001)
for tenor saxophone, vibraphone and sound files - written for Yesaroun'

recorded June 2002
New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall
Cameron Wiley, engineer
produced by Yesaroun', Dan Bauch, Jon Bisesi, Charles Peltz
edited by Sam Solomon

Dennis DeSantis - +8 (2000)
for tenor saxophone and drumset - written for Yesaroun'

recorded January 2003
Third Dimension Studios
Cameron Wiley, engineer
produced by Yesaroun', Cameron Wiley
edited by Sam Solomon

Miriama Young - Snapdragon (2003)
for baritone saxophone and percussion - written for Yesaroun'

recorded June 2004
Princeton University's Taplin Hall
Mary Roberts, engineer
produced by Yesaroun', Miriama Young
edited by Sam Solomon
mastered with Ryan Streber

Nico Muhly - Time After Time (2003)
for soprano saxophone, marimba, and percussion - written for Yesaroun' and Nancy Zeltsman
performed by Yesaroun' and marimbist Chris Thompson

recorded August 2004
Looking Glass Studios
produced by Nico Muhly and Mario McNulty
engineered and mixed by Mario McNulty

© Yesaroun' Duo

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