CromTech/Jefferson Friedman – 8 Songs (1997/2004)
With the Yesaroun’ Duo
Live performance, Miller Theater, NYC, February 2009

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  1. Ex-Prestu: Plod
  2. Brammix-Q: 49 Face
  3. Prux-norplexoxix
  4. Elprod-11
  5. You not mexiquot
  6. Infilto-Ships
  7. To the Pods
  8. Wemcraftor: Limsniffer

I first heard Crom-Tech in 1997. Being a long-time fan of the Washington, DC, post-punk hardcore scene, when I heard both Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto of Fugazi go on record as saying that Crom-Tech was their favorite new band, I knew it was something I had to get. I got back to my apartment with their first seven-inch record in my hands, threw it on my turntable, and then proceeded to check a number of times whether I had mistakenly set the record player to 45 rpms; I just could not believe that anyone could play that fast and that tight.

It was simply like nothing I had ever heard before (or since) – spastic, almost non-sensical riffs strung together to make these gigantic miniatures, with a drummer and guitarist so locked into each other, it was almost psychic. And then I saw them live. They couldn’t possibly play those songs the way they did on the record. And I was right; they played them faster and tighter and better.

A few years later, I met Sam Solomon. After getting to know him personally and musically, I made him a CD of some bands I thought he would like, including some songs by Crom-Tech, and told him that I would be willing to do an arrangement of some of their songs for his duo. In the end, my job ended up being at varying points along the continuum of transcription-arrangement-composition, depending on the particular section at hand. As much as possible, I tried to respect the original material, but in order to do that (and in order to make it humanly possible) some tweaking was necessary. When all is said and done, though, these are Crom-Tech’s songs, and I’m just happy to have played a small part in spreading the gospel.
-Jefferson Friedman