Shawn Crouch, Suspended Contact (1999)

Suspended Contact was written in 1999 for the Yesaroun' Duo and was premiered in December of that year at the New England Conservatory. In June 2001, Suspended Contact won the Percussive Arts Society's Composition Competition. It is published with Honey Rock Publication. The composer provides the following note:

"I recently have been interested with the details involved in phenomenons of nature. The experience one has when watching a tree bend in the wind, the movement of a wave, or listening to the sound of breath all stem from improvised phenomenons. Suspended Contact is an attempt to create a reflection of what happens at the point in which a drop of water lands on a pond or stream. I want to suspend the experience, describe all the subtle nuances in the greatest detail, while juxtaposing its presence within an urban world. The percussion and saxophone have been organized to create movement from very fast, energetic, high metallic timbres associated with the colors green, blue, and yellow; to the grounded sounds of the toms, wood-block, and low range of the saxophone, pertaining to the colors orange, brown, and red. Suspended Contact is music that stems from nature while at the same time exploring our participation within it."


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