Miriama Young, Snapdragon (2003)

This piece was written with the fiery exuberance and virtuosity of the Yesaroun' Duo in mind. Many thanks to Sam Solomon and Eric Hewitt for their enthusiasm and support in this Princeton-Yesaroun' collaboration. Snapdragon is written and dedicated to the Yesaroun' Duo.

Miriama Young is a composer of electronic and instrumental works. She grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and in 2000 took up a Fulbright Award to pursue graduate work at New York University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Music Composition at Princeton University. The focus of her music and research is on the voice and technology. Recent work explored the nexus where oral histories, music and radio collide, culminating in the radio documentary "The Prime Cut," a collection of interviews that revealed the changing fabric of the meatpacking district in New York.

Miriama's instrumental music has been performed by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, the Yesaroun' Duo, Strike Percussion, Timetable Percussion, So Percussion, Proteus Ensemble, and the Nash Ensemble of London, and her radio work aired on Resonance FM London, Radio New Zealand, and WNYC. Her music is recorded on Strike's album "New Zealand Percussion Music" and electronic work on "New Zealand Sonic Art 2000".

For more information: miriamayoung.com


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