Ryan Streber – Dosillos y Humeros (2005)
Dosillos y Humeros for solo percussion was composed for Sam Solomon in the late summer and fall of 2005. The title, which translates as”duplets and chimneys”, also forms an anagram (without the “y”) of the words “Helios” and “drum solos”. The name “Helios” in this context does not invoke the Greek sun god but instead refers to the small manufacturer of the mixing consoles which were used in the production of many great British records throughout the late 60s and 70s.

The work is designed first and foremost as a showpiece, and it plays on the contrasts between different traditions of virtuosic percussion technique. There is also a tension in the work between elements which are fully notated and those which are left to the discretion of the performer, with a couple sections calling for more or less free improvisation. In a very real way, Sam is the co-composer of this piece, and I thank him for all of his enthusiasm, determination, and creativity.

-Ryan Streber

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