Steven Everett – Quiet Silence (1999)
For marimba and four-channel spatialization
Live performance, Juilliard School, April 2003

“While walking the narrow Roman paths above the Italian Mediterranean that connect the ancient towns of the Cinque terra, I was struck by an awareness of extremely slow pulses of time, light and space, each exerting pressure on the other. I wrote this work the next day using cyclical patterns from Javanese gamelan karawitan, numerical relationships from an Infinity Series (ala Per Nørgård), and the Kyma-Capybara computer music system.

“Four microphones are placed under the large five-octave marimba. The piece is written with constant use of the entire range of the instrument. Notes of each octave are directed to each of the four loudspeakers. Inner melodies emerge from each loudspeaker. Four different inner melodies may be perceived by the audience, depending on which part of the room they are seated.”
-Steve Everett

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