Edgar Barroso – Ataraxia (2012)

Ataraxia (Ἀταραξία “tranquility”) is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state, characterized by freedom from worry or any other preoccupation. In this piece, the aim is to convey a state of tranquility with a very smooth flow of energy coming from the percussionist. In the score, the performer is asked to think in terms of the practice of Tai-Chi, where acceleration is very controlled and energy is somewhat contempt. The electronics on the other hand, are representing the energy, that invisible vitality coming from very soft and controlled movements, this energy is invisible to our eyes but is all around us. The piece is a state of robust tranquility that derives from surrounding oneself with trustworthy and affectionate sound world “worthy of trust”, avoiding directionality and conflict. I am very luck to have Samuel Z. Solomon to premiere this piece, he really understood the piece right from the beginning and his incredible sensitivity and musicianship are truly remarkable.
Edgar Barroso