Christopher Jon Honett, Arson (2003)

Program Note I:

I. First Introduction/Unfolding of the Principal Argument
II. Under Subsequent Suspensions/Contractions of Time, Partial Presentation of Principal Characters
III. Collapsing Motif Introduced (related, naturally, to the Primary Rhythmic Motif)
IV. Kinetic Emergence of the Primary Solo Character
V. The Development of the Principal Rhythmic Motif With a Foreshadowing of the Secondary Argument
VI. Heuristic Reassessment of the Primary Solo Character
VII. Interpretive Reassessment of the Principal Argument
VIII. Systematic Timbral Transformations (a Motif in and of Itself)
IX. Breathing: Introduction of the Secondary Argument
X. Unification through Revisitation of the Collapsing Motif
XI. Linear Augmentation/Development
XII. Lateral Development of Various Accounts of the Collapsing Motif
XIII. Second Reassessment of the Principal Argument
XIV. Heterophonic Mutation of the Secondary Argument, and a Foreshadowing of the Coming Epilogue
XV. In a Context of the General Motif of a Further Suspension of Time: Third Reassessment/Development of the Principal Argument
XVI. The Final Contextualization (Critical Reassessment) of the Principal Argument In Light of All Previous Contextualization and Introduced Characters/Epilogue

Program Note II:

Length in the Guise of Brevity, Among Other Things.


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