Roshanne Etezady, Nothing If Not (2000)

Roshanne Etezady loves percussionists, and has given them a concerto for marimba and orchestra, a concerto for marimba and percussion quartet, two duos for flute and marimba, a marimba solo and many chamber works. She loves other instruments as well. She lives in Ann Arbor.

"_Nothing if Not_ is a study in musical color and line. The piece calls for the performers to "play against character" at times, drawing on the saxophone's lyrical side, as well as the gentler timbres available to the percussionist. The emotional character of _Nothing if Not_ ranges from distant and cold to wistful, from forlorn to contemplative. Throughout the piece, the two instruments guide each other through a musical world of changes and challenges, navigating the piece's coloristic changes, as well as changes in mood. _Nothing if Not_ was completed in the summer of 2000 for the yesaroun' Duo.


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